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Tips for Hiring a Tree Service Company

While we may think of trees as ageless, trees do get old and can begin to show their age. Tree limbs die, and in some cases, the tree itself can die. From the time you first notice this, don't delay - a dead or damaged tree is not something to be ignored. Bad weather...

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Assessing the Risk of Hazardous Trees

Most would agree that trees add to our enjoyment of outdoor experiences, whether in forests, parks, or urban landscapes. However, we can be caught unaware of the risks associated with defective and hazardous trees included in the landscape. Hazardous trees...

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Cleaning Up Hurricane Michael Damage in Albany GA

Good Riddance Michael! Though the worst of hurricane Michael passed to our south, we responded to the call for help in Albany GA. With widespread storm damage, local tree companies were unable to meet the need for service. Atlanta Tree...

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Cutting Down a Tree

Reasons to Consider Cutting Down a Tree The decision for cutting down a tree is not always an easy one to make. Typically, you have reasons for wanting a tree removed, but some reasons may be better served by trimming the tree or pruning it. Be sure you make an...

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Beware the Southern Pine Beetles

Do you have pine trees in your yard? Have you taken a look at your pine trees lately? You'll want to inspect your trees for Southern Pine Beetles. The southern pine beetle’s favorite tree to feed on is the loblolly pine, but will go after longleaf and slash pines, as...

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Summertime Tree Pruning?

Trees do most of their growing in the springtime. But by summertime, branches can be encroaching roof tops, power lines and preventing the sunlight from shining into your yard. But is summertime really the best time of year to be pruning and cutting trees? Here are a...

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Hi DJ, I wanted to pass along how great of a job Phil and his team did on the recent work at my house. Their attention to detail was amazing and the work easily exceeded my expectations. I do not usually send emails such as this but it was clear his work (team) deserved it. I will no doubt recommend ATP to other friends and neighbors in the future.
Best, Frank Janke, 5/7/2015


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