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Not All Trees Need to be Removed

Caring for your trees properly is an important part of protecting yourself from hazardous conditions and potential property damage to your home and the homes of neighbors. Atlanta Tree Professionals offers customized preventive tree service that can help you keep your trees stay healthy for many more years.

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If you suspect you have problems with your trees, call us to assess the risk of tree disease and potential property damage. Don’t let more serious trouble arise by ignoring problems. It may be easier to ignore problems today, but is it worth all the money and time you will spend cleaning up the mess if you don’t? Preventive tree service may be the solution to save your trees and reduce your costs.

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Atlanta Tree Professionals offers preventative tree service. Call 404-644-8733 to get a free consultation today.

  • Annual treatment of trees for insect and disease control.
  • Identifying branch, trunk and root defects that may weaken a tree, and recommending ways to manage them.
  • Pruning to make the tree safer and healthier.
  • Removing dead or defective branches.
  • Correcting problems caused by improper care practices, such as topping, that have occurred in the past.
  • Crown reduction to reduce the risk of tree failure for large trees located near buildings.

Need Some Advice? Call a Tree Professional

If you have any questions about keeping your trees healthy, please call the Atlanta Tree Professionals. We are your local experts for healthy tree service in north metro Atlanta.


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