Assessing Alberto storm damage in Atlanta.

Greetings from Alberto!

Tropical storm Alberto has kicked-off the start of summer in Atlanta, complete with rain, flood warnings and more. Hopefully, the metro area will escape the worst of the storm, but homeowners should start making plans to check their properties for remaining elements of Alberto storm damage in Atlanta.

As soon as all the rain and soggy weather passes by, get outside and take a look at your trees. However, be extremely cautious. Be especially alert for downed power lines and dangling limbs! If you’re not sure about something, call a professional.


Alberto Storm Damage to Your Trees

Soaking rains and downpours are making our local area ground soggy and soft. And coupled with high winds, you have a recipe for falling branches and debris. With soggy ground, trees become very prone to toppling under these conditions. As soon as possible, get outside to inspect your trees for any storm damage.


Locate Damaged Trees

It’s relatively easy to spot tree damage. You may already have branches and debris in the yard to clean up. But here are some warning signs to look for so that you can minimize the impact of weakened and potentially dangerous trees.

  • Broken and hanging limbs should be identified and removed immediately.
  • Are any trees leaning? This is really important! Even without high winds, any leaning trees are especially dangerous to your family, home and property. Call a tree professional immediately!
  • Inspect tree limbs and branches around power lines. Six feet is the recommended distance from power lines, structures and buildings. Leave any trimming near power lines to the professionals.


Questions? Call a Tree Professional

If you have any tree damage questions or service needs, please give us a call at Atlanta Tree Professionals. We are tree service experts ready to clean up any Alberto storm damage in Atlanta!


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