One frequent issue we are getting calls over recently is insurance companies either threatening to discontinue coverage or outright cancelling the policy.


Trees add value to a property. Not only can they lower energy bills, but they are also beautiful. A healthy tree continues to grow which could mean longer (and heavier) limbs growing over your house. In storms those limbs could become threatening. No one wants to wake up with a limb in the middle of their kitchen. Not only life threatening, but it comes with roof damage, and other damages that will mean costly repairs. Electricity outages are common. Repairs can take months depending on contractor availability.


Another common side effect of limbs over your home are insects and rodents. Limbs and branches touching your home are a bridge for these pests. Pests intruding upon your home can cause headaches and more repair bills.


Our staff at Atlanta Tree Professionals are trained in spotting potential problems. We have the skill and experience to keep your home safe, healthy, and beautiful. Call, text, or fill out our online request form for a free estimate for your concerns. We’re here to help.

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