Taking care of the trees on your property is important. However, caring for trees goes beyond pruning them and being on the lookout for early signs of disease. Another potential threat to be aware of is animal damage to trees, which can be caused by any number of species across Georgia.

By having a better idea of what animals eat trees in Georgia and the most common signs of damage to watch for, you can take proactive steps to keep your trees healthy.

What Animals Eat Trees?

There are a number of animals that are known to cause tree damage across the state. One of the most common is the yellow-bellied sapsucker, which is a type of woodpecker that migrates to the area during the winter months. These birds will use their beaks to drill holes in thin-barked trees in order to access the tree’s sap. These holes can affect the integrity of a tree while making it prone to serious disease.

Deer are another common menace for trees in Georgia. While it may not seem like a deer’s antlers could do much damage to an established tree, the reality is that over time, a deer rubbing its antlers on a tree can wear down the bark significantly. It is also not uncommon for deer to feed on tree seedlings, preventing them from even growing in the first place.

Likewise, rabbits can cause damage to tree seedlings by chewing away at them. If this is occurring with seedlings on your property, you will likely also notice deer and/or rabbit droppings near your trees.

Voles, a type of rodent, can also cause significant tree damage. While these rodents do not climb trees, they are known to chew away at the bark around the base of a tree during the winter months for shelter. This can cause the death of an entire tree, in some cases.

How to Protect Trees from Animals

So, what can be done to protect your trees from animal damage? Ultimately, it depends on the animal you’re having issues with. Voles, for example, can often be trapped just like any other rodent as a means of control. Another option is to use plastic tree protectors, chicken wire, or other barriers to prevent small animals (such as rabbits and voles) from getting near trees in the first place.

Some seedlings can be treated with a repellent that will discourage deer and rabbits from eating them. Covering seedlings with burlap is another possibility that can offer protection from animals.

How Atlanta Tree Professionals Can Help

Dealing with tree damage from animals on your property can be a real hassle. Fortunately, our team at Atlanta Tree Professionals can help. From identifying what eats trees on your property to taking the proper measures to protect your trees, we’ve got you covered. We’ve seen it all, so we know what to do. Contact our experts today.