Have You Noticed More Fallen Tree Limbs this Summer?

Have you noticed more falling tree branches than usual this summer? Tree limbs can fall due to heavy and unnecessary loads of foliage or genetic defect, but there is another reason why it seems prevalent this year. It’s called “sudden summer limb drop ” – also known as “sudden branch drop.”

The phenomena causes limbs to break commonly on hot and windless days, with no obvious external signs of defect or trauma to the tree. The inner wood is broken bluntly (round and flat breakage), as opposed a breakage with sharp splintering.

Some experts theorize this phenomena is due to a build-up of moisture in the limb. The extra weight of the water accumulation stresses the limb and causes it to break. Water build-up could be the result of leaves not adequately expelling moisture moving through the tree and limb. However, in most cases, there aren’t any obvious signs your tree’s limbs are in distress.


What to Do

So what can you do about falling tree branches? The main point is to be aware of the trees that commonly suffer from sudden limb drop. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Trees Most at Risk

  • Oak trees (the most common)
  • Maple trees
  • Raywood Ash trees
  • Bradford Pear trees
  • Modesto Ash
  • Redwood Ash trees
  • Chinese Pistache trees
  • Sycamore trees
Falling tree branches may be due to sudden summer limb drop.

Get Professional Advice

Next, reduce the risk by having a professional inspect your trees. At Atlanta Tree Professionals, we can’t always predict which limbs will fall. But we can advise you on which trees are most at risk to your home or property.


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