Tips for Your Perfect Lawn

Summer is nearly here. The kids are out of school and the nonstop outdoor play party begins. But what if your yard doesn’t measure up? What if Old Man Winter finally killed off your green locks of love? Atlanta Tree Professionals shares some helpful tips on what might be causing your lawn to suffer and how to fix it fast!

Obviously sunlight is very important. Gorgeous green lawns get plenty of it in addition to adequate water and fertilizer.

But before we go there, lets review what the characteristics of an unhealthy lawn are.

“Grass that does not receive enough sunlight has long, spindly leaf blades and stems because it is working hard to obtain sunlight. This tissue elongation depletes the plant’s carbohydrates, which can reduce the lawn’s overall health and vigor.“

Full sun in fact is not required to grow a great lawn, but a good amount is required. Technically, some shade is actually helpful. But how come a yard can go from gorgeous to less than average over time? One reason is quite common in newer subdivisions. Initially, the trees are not mature in new areas, so the yards get a good amount of sun to grow thick. However as trees get older their canopy extends and consequently the grass health deteriorates.

Trees also growing close to the home can create a “playground” for critters! They just love having those tree branches touching your roof. Hours of fun scampering across back and forth in search of place to store their nuts or new babies! Unfortunately, many times an attic is the perfect place for both.

Step One: Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is and extending the canopy is the best way to get maximum sunlight to the yard. Atlanta Tree Professionals is able to expertly prune your tree not only for beauty but also safety.

Getting more sunlight to the grass is possible by extending the tree canopy. Atlanta Tree Professionals select the branches that need to be trimmed back and also removes limbs that hinder the sun’s path. It takes a good eye to decide which limbs should stay or go not only for the health of the grass but also of the tree. Thinning the trees is sometimes recommended especially if the trees are planted too close to each which can crowd out the resources need for growth.

Step Two: Sod Installation

Atlanta Tree Professionals is partnering with CFP Chesser Family Properties to deliver to the best lawn for your home. A great yard is a pleasure to entertain on, play on or simply enjoy the view.

Step Three: Critter Removal

If you have squirrels, bats, rats or raccoons in your backyard or attic we encourage you to call our friends at SWAT Services of Marietta, they have a top notch wildlife removal team with exclusion guarantees, mosquito and pest control services. We refer clients to them when needed.

Atlanta Tree Professionals and our business friends at CFP and SWAT are ready to get your yard ready for summer!

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