Summertime tree pruning by Atlanta Tree ProfessionalsTrees do most of their growing in the springtime. But by summertime, branches can be encroaching roof tops, power lines and preventing the sunlight from shining into your yard. But is summertime really the best time of year to be pruning and cutting trees? Here are a few issues to consider before beginning a summertime tree pruning project.


Suitable Reasons for Summertime Tree Pruning

Essential reasons for tree pruning consist of getting rid of dead or broken branches, and any other branches or limbs that could present a threat to personal safety or property damage. Known as a crown cleaning, this sort of pruning helps the tree maintain a robust and wholesome branch structure to enable it to withstand punishing winds and the elements.

Be sure to have a tree professional review all the proper cutting techniques. Proper cutting techniques enable a tree to repel insects and resist disease. In general, small pruning cuts are preferred rather than large cuts. Trees are then able to heal faster because of their ability to grow over the smaller cuts much faster than larger cuts.


Don’t Over Do It

Be careful not to over prune your trees. Leaves provide food for trees and when too much foliage is removed, the tree can be weakened and “malnourished.”

Also, be aware that tree species react differently to the effects of pruning. Trees such as magnolia, birch, and Japanese maple do not tolerate heavy pruning and are more susceptible to over pruning problems than other trees. Consult a specialist from Atlanta Tree Professionals if you have questions about this.

Some tree are not suitable for summertime pruning. Wait until late fall or winter to prune oak and elm trees. Fresh pruning cuts in these species during the summertime can invite unwanted insects and pests that carry oak wilt, or Dutch elm disease. Both of these diseases can be fatal to the tree.

Atlanta Tree Professionals understands the diversity of trees that grow in our Atlanta landscapes. If your’re not sure if or how much your trees need pruning this summer, then give us a call today. We’re happy to review our service with you.


Questions About Trees? Call a Tree Professional

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