Good Riddance Michael!

Though the worst of hurricane Michael passed to our south, we responded to the call for help in Albany GA. With widespread storm damage, local tree companies were unable to meet the need for service. Atlanta Tree Professionals responded to the call, ready to help our south Georgia neighbors burdened with extensive tree damage and disaster.

After Any Serious Rainfall or Storm

Short of disaster, there are steps you can take to assess the health of your trees after heavy rains. Soggy ground can leave trees vulnerable to toppling with windy conditions. Be aware of these warning signs so that you can minimize the impact of weakened and potentially dangerous trees.

  • Broken and hanging limbs should be identified and removed immediately.
  • Are any trees leaning? This is really important! Even without high winds, any leaning trees are especially dangerous to your family, home and property. Call a tree professional immediately!
  • Inspect tree limbs and branches around power lines. Six feet is the recommended distance from power lines, structures and buildings. Leave any trimming near power lines to the professionals.


Questions? Call a Tree Professional

If you have any tree damage questions or service needs, please give us a call at Atlanta Tree Professionals. We are tree service experts ready to clean up any storm damage in Georgia!


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