Today in Marietta and the surrounding areas, a major storm blew in from the Northwest. All throughout East Cobb and Marietta we heard reports of trees blocking roads and damage to property.

When summer storms hit, especially those with powerful winds, we see a lot of damage. We wanted to share with you this month 3 ways you can reduce damage to to your property.

  1. Examination: When you notice an increase of small limbs landing in your front or back yards, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get an inspection from a reputable tree company. Limb loss are usually small warnings that bigger problems maybe around the corner. A tree company can evaluate your tree’s health and make suggestions for trimming or fertilizing to extend a tree’s life.
  2. Trimming or Removal: If you do see tree limbs that are located over play sets or hovering over rooftops it may be necessary to be proactive and get them removed before a microburst takes it down for you.
  3. Remove the Small Trees: Small trees will grow, but the space for sunlight will not. Trees compete for sunlight and resources and if your larger mature trees can’t get the sun necessary for growth they will suffer and possibly die. It’s best to remove young saplings that may compete one day with trees in full maturity. Older trees have many benefits including they quantity of carbon dioxide they are able to absorb and also the greater amount of shade they can provide. A mature tree can be a money saving asset in the summer time when the sun is beating down on your roof.

Atlanta Tree Professionals is happy to offer free estimates for any tree service you may need. Give us a call to get your appointment set up today! 404-644-8733.

If you have suffered damage after a storm call us. We are able to work homeowners and help them to submit proper paperwork to their insurance company. We work with all major insurance carriers and are happy to do our part to help you. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Remember to always choose a professional when working in or around your property!