Reasons to Consider Cutting Down a Tree

The decision for cutting down a tree is not always an easy one to make. Typically, you have reasons for wanting a tree removed, but some reasons may be better served by trimming the tree or pruning it. Be sure you make an environmentally responsible and safe decision before taking action. Give careful consideration to the following questions:


Is the Tree Dead or Dying?

Generally, the best course of action is to remove a dying tree before it fully dies and starts decaying. A dead tree becomes a great risk to people and the surrounding property, as it could fall at almost any time. If you happen to have a dying tree in your yard, then you have a very good reason to call a tree removal service.


Is the Tree Difficult to Maintain?

A tree can produce a lot of dead leaves, falling branches, limbs and sticks in the yard. The debris may need to be picked up and removed on a semi regular basis. This may also prove to be time consuming and expensive. In this case, cutting down a tree may make sense.

Is the Tree Disturbing Power Lines?

If your tree happens to be encroaching on power lines, trimming or pruning may be a remedy. However, if the trunk of the tree is growing up into power lines, the better decision is to cut the tree down.


Is the Tree Disturbing Your Neighbors?

All of the reasons above could be reasons why a tree may be a nuisance to your neighbors. Selective trimming and pruning may be an option, but a dead and dying tree will have to be cut down to avoid potential property damage.

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